Ben May

Ben May who is originally from Stockton came to Merced two years ago to care after his ailing mother leaving behind his home, friends, and job. While caring after his mother, Ben was unable to find employment and sustain the household. Ultimately, the death of his mother and being unemployed led Ben to the Shelter. The shelter, along with its staff, was able to provide Ben with food, shelter, and job training tools. With these services, Ben was able to devise a plan to get back on his feet and once again become financially stable. With Ben's determination, diligence, and dedication he was able to start up his own landscaping business. When Ben first started, he did not have first-hand knowledge on how to operate these tools, but his determination to get out of the shelter made him want to learn so he could be successful. Slowly, Ben was able build a client base and with the little money he earned he placed back into his business to purchase more tools and eventually, a truck. Through these services, Ben was able to afford his own apartment and be self-sufficient to sustain himself and his business.