Utility Assistance

Utility Assistance

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP)

MCCAA provides energy assistance to eligible clients through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Established in 1981, LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps low-income households pay their energy bill or heating fuel provider to help offset the cost of heating or cooling their home.

Through LIHEAP, MCCAA is able to assist eligible households with payments or purchases of electricity, propane, natural gas, heating oil, or firewood. In addition to the credit on their utility bill, clients will also receive valuable information about energy conservation and practical tips on how to save energy and keep your utility bill at a manageable level. The two types of assistance available are:

  1. Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) – provides a direct payment to an eligible client’s utility bill to help offset the cost of heating or cooling their home.
  2. Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) – provides assistance to low-income households that are in a crisis situation. Eligibility for ECIP is the same as it is for HEAP except a Shut Off Notice from the Utility Company must have been received by the client prior to application.

Eligibility for these programs is based upon the household’s income and family size. This service is provided on a once-per-year basis for eligible households. Because of significant funding cuts Federal law requires LIHEAP to target households with low-incomes and high energy costs, taking into consideration households with elderly and disabled persons, and children aged 5 and younger. 

Do not depend on HEAP/ECIP assistance to pay your utility bill or get you through the summer.  Plan ahead for the real possibility that funds may not be available.


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Apply for Utility Assistance Programs

You must call (209) 723-4565 to make an appointment for an in-person interview with one of our Intake Workers.  Phone lines are open Monday through Friday, 7:30am - 6:00pm. You will need to bring all required documents to your in-person interview in order to complete your application. A list of required documents is included on the "Do You Qualify?" page.

Please note that if your application is received and does not have all the required documentation attached, processing will be delayed until all the required documents are received.