Weatherization FAQs

  1. Can I get weatherization if I rent my home?
    Yes, if they meet the more qualifications, and the owner gives permission to do the work.
  2. Will I be charged a fee for the Weatherization service?
    No. Our Weatherization service is paid for by government grants and we will never ask you to pay anything for our service. Keep in mind, there are limits to how much work we can do for each home so expect to receive only a portion of the repairs/replacements that were recommended by our Assessment. Our inspectors will determine what repairs/replacements we can provide for your home.
  3. Can MCCAA assist me with plumbing or roof repairs?
    No, this Agency does not perform any plumbing or roof repairs.
  4. May I pay MCCAA to perform repairs that aren’t covered by the Program?
    No. This agency is not licensed as a private contractor and we operate solely as an Energy Service Provider for the State of California.
  5. Do I need an appointment to apply for Weatherization service?
    No. You can walk into any of our offices (Main Street, Ashby Road, Los Banos, Dos Palos, Gustine) and apply. Applications can be mailed and faxed to us. We also provide in-home appointments to disabled and homebound applicants upon request.
  6. How long does this entire process take?
    We have a huge demand for our services. The process is normally complete in 2-6 months (4 months, on average) from your application date. We are mandated to prioritize households by their Energy Burden and to also target households with Senior Citizens, disabled members and/or children aged 5 and under. Households that are experiencing an emergency situation receive top priority.
  7. I applied weeks ago, but I have not been contacted yet. What’s going on?
    It will likely be at least two months before we contact you to schedule your first inspection. We appreciate your patience.
  8. What is my Energy Cost?
    This is the total cost of energy utilities (electric, gas, propane, wood) that your home used during a single 1-month billing period. PG&E customers should refer to the amount under “Total Current Charges” on their bill. Do not include Past Due amounts, or discounts like “CARE”.
  9. What if I cannot wait many months for Weatherization service?
    We understand that special circumstances do happen sometimes. If you submit a letter of explanation along with your application, we will review it and prioritize your file accordingly.
  10. Do I need to get my landlord to sign some kind of waiver for this service?
    We require the owner of a rented home to sign a Service Agreement and a Landlord Acceptance form if a tenant applies for the program.  We ask the tenant to provide the landlord’s contact information so that we can provide them with the necessary paperwork.
  11. What is my Energy Burden?
    This directly determines how your application is prioritized. Energy Burden (EB) is the amount of Income that you spend on energy utilities per month, expressed as a percentage. Larger EB’s are given higher priority, and homes that have EB’s less than 5% probably will not receive service. Use the following formula to calculate you EB (example included at the bottom of the page).


Example (Income $1200, Energy Cost $65):

$65 ÷ $1,200 × 100 = 5.42% EB

EB Formula:

Energy Cost ÷ Monthly Income × 100 = %

Energy Cost ÷ Monthly Income × 100 = %