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In order to qualify for help with your utility bills or free weatherization services through this Agency, you must be a resident of Merced County; however, similar services are offered in counties throughout California. If you do not reside in Merced County, please call (866) 675-6623 to find the LIHEAP provider in your area.

Our Agency also provides weatherization services for Madera County through an agreement with our sister agency the Community Action Partnership of Madera County. If you live in Madera County; contact CAP Madera at 559-673-9173 to apply. Your application will be sent to us once it has been processed by CAP Madera.

All of the programs offered by Merced County Community Action Agency are income-qualified.  Income guidelines are based on the number of people in your household. The guidelines for Utility                                                          Assistance and Weatherization are:

First priority shall be given to households whose members have life-threatening emergencies. Further priority shall be given to the following households:

  • Households with the highest energy burden, and;
  • Households with vulnerable populations: young children (ages 5 years or under), disabled, and elderly persons (ages 60 years or older).

NOTE: Income amounts for family sizes greater than six persons were determined based on the following calculations Add 3% to 132% for each additional family member, multiply the new percentage by $48,415. and divide by 12.

Example: household size of 7: 132% + 3% = 135% x $48,415 = $65,360.25 / 12 = $5,446.69 per month.

To Apply for Utility Assistance and Weatherization, We Need These Documents:

  1. Valid government-issued photo ID’s for every adult in the household.
  2. Valid Social Security cards or proof of Social Security numbers for everyone living in the household (medical cards, shot records and birth certificate are acceptable only for children of 18 or younger).
  3. Verification of total household income (Gross, before taxes) for the last 6 weeks. Cal Works/TANF recipients must provide a current Notice of Action or Memo from your case worker showing amounts received for the month. SSI/SSA recipients must have a current benefit letter from the Social Security Office, or bank statement showing direct deposit of funds. Proof of Unemployment Benefits, Disability, Child Support, Retirement, Alimony, etc., must be dated within the last 6 weeks. Each person living in your household who is 19 years and older and receives NO income, needs to fill out and sign the CSD-43B Survey of No Income and Expenses to include with your application.
  4. A copy of all electricity, propane, natural gas, heating oil, and firewood bills from the last 6 weeks for your household. Bills must include all pages, and show account number, name, physical address, mailing address, billing date & due date, total current charges & any previous balance. Closing bills, altered bills, and accounts in collection are not acceptable.

Weatherization Applications require Additional documents:

  1. If you are applying for Weatherization for a home that you own and occupy, provide a copy of the deed, title, or property tax papers, for proof of ownership.
  2. If you are applying for Weatherization for a home that you rent and occupy, include with your application a document (handwritten is acceptable) which provides the owner’s name, mailing address, and telephone number. MCCAA will contact the owner to complete some mandatory paperwork before we will be able to continue.