Home Repair & Energy Saving Services

Home Repair & Energy Saving Services

Weatherization Assistance

MCCAA provides no-cost weatherization assistance to eligible clients. Began in 1982, the Weatherization assistance program is financed by LIHEAP  to provide free energy efficiency upgrades to the dwellings of low-income families. These services are intended to reduce energy consumption in homes through the replacement of inefficient appliances (when appropriate) and minor repairs, making the home more energy efficient, lowering monthly utility bills and providing long-term savings.

What is Weatherization?

The term ‘Weatherization’ is defined as the practice of protecting a building’s interior from the elements (sun, rain, wind, etc.), and of modifying a building to optimize energy efficiency. Our Weatherization program focuses almost exclusively on increasing energy efficiency, although we also perform a very important safety check of all gas appliances in the home.

Proper weatherization results in a more comfortable home (especially during the hottest and coldest times of the year) and decreased utility bills!


What Weatherization can do for You

Repair and replacement of exterior doors and windows, water heaters, stoves, furnaces and coolers, refrigerators and microwaves. Installation of water restrictor-aerators,  energy-sipping CFL’s, door weatherstripping, attic and subfloor insulation, carbon monoxide detectors, sealing and patching of small cracks and holes and other minor repairs which help to conserve energy.

Weatherization Assistance Eligibility

Eligibility for Weatherization Assistance is based upon the household’s income and family size. Weatherization service is available once every 4 years for eligible dwellings. Dwellings that have been weatherized multiple times may be forced to wait longer than 4 years before they become eligible again. Because of significant funding cuts Federal law requires us to target households with low-incomes and high energy costs, taking into consideration households with elderly and disabled persons, and children aged 5 and younger. 

Any resident of Merced County who meets the income guidelines and is responsible for the energy costs in a residence is eligible for the program. Upgrades and repairs can be performed on a single family home, town home, condo, apartment building or mobile home, with few restrictions.  Authorization for repairs is required by the owner or an authorized agent for the property when the application is completed by a renter. If you live in Madera County; contact the Community Action Partnership in Madera at 559-673-9173 to apply. Due to an inter-agency agreement, all Madera County applicants must go through the Madera office. Your application will be sent to us once it has been processed by CAP Madera.

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Apply for Weatherization Assistance

You may call our office, (209) 723-4565, to request an application be mailed to you.  Phone lines are open Monday through Friday, 7:30am - 6:00pm. You may also visit our Application Forms page and download the weatherization application (link: Application Forms). You will need to attach all required documents to your application and deliver (in person or by mail) the completed application to our office. A list of required documents is included on the Do I Qualify? Page (link)

Please note that if your application is received and does not have all the required documentation attached, processing will be delayed until all the required documents are received.