1. Can I get funds from your organization for my community project?
    Community Action does not fund or sponsor community projects on a regular basis. Funds are distributed based on availability, grant requirements, relationship to the mission, and the goals and objectives outlined in our strategic plan. Should the Agency have funds available, Requests for Proposals will be widely distributed and posted on our web-site.
  2. Is your Agency a department of the county or city?
    The Agency is a private non-profit organization and not connected to the County of Merced or the City of Merced.
  3. What communities do you serve?
    Our focus is on Merced County, but we also provide limited services in Mariposa and Madera Counties.
  4. How do you apply for services?
    Our central offices are located at 1235 W. Main Street in Merced, CA. Most services can be applied for at that location. You should look under the specific programs that interest you on our web-page for detailed information and qualifications.
  5. Is MCCAA hiring?
    Frequently we have job openings. We have a permanent employment binder located at our information center at 1235 W. Main Street, in Merced, CA. In that binder you can find any current job openings.
  6. What services do you provide?
    Child care for ages 3-5, W.I.C., homeless shelters, home weatherization, utility assistance, and housing. Each program has specific requirements and often has a waiting list. You should look at our web-site under the program you are interested in to obtain detailed information. We do not hand out food, clothing, refrigerators, or bus passes.
  7. Who is eligible for services?
    Residents of Merced County who meet income and eligibility guidelines. Although programs differ, most programs require you to meet HHS poverty guidelines.
  8. What percent of administration do you charge?
    MCCAA is committed to providing high quality services to those in need. We keep administration support dollars extremely low at 8.6%.
  9. How often can I be helped?
    That answer varies dramatically between programs. For utility assistance it is once per year, for homeless shelters, you can only stay 6 months during a calendar year. Other programs may not have accessibility limits. You should look under the program you are interested in on our web-page in order to get more detailed information.
  10. Can I Volunteer?
    Yes, yes, and yes! We have many volunteer opportunities from making food at the homeless shelter, helping fix bikes for low-income residents, working in our community garden, reading to children, collecting donations, or helping at a community outreach event. Please look under the volunteer tab on our web-page to obtain detailed information.